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Why Breed Bans DONT work
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Why Breed Bans DONT work
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All the reasons why they don't work and all the bad effects BSL has on a city.

1.Pit Bulls are not a breed. It is a term used by fanciers to discribe an American Pit Bull Terrier or the general public to discribe any dog they find 'scary'.
2.There are over 800 breeds in the world, many are molossiods/mastiff type dogs, and as what they are, are put at risk for being put down even though to the trained eye bear little to no resemblance to APBTs.
3.APBTs are a very varied breed. They can weigh anything from 30lbs to 100 or more, they can have blocky heads, or round heads, they come in all colors, some are bowlegged, some are short legged, some look like an old english bulldog mix. Because of this variation many breeds and mixes are mistaken in either attacks or when confiscated to be put down.
4.APBTs are popular. With any popular breed, many fall into the wrong hands, are abused, are bred by people with no understanding of genetics, and have a higher population. With a higher population, there are more of them, but compared to their numbers, the bite ratio is low. There are probably 16-18 million 'pit and pit bull mixes' in the US, 1/3 of the dog population. Less than 2% of that are registered purebreds. 900 bites in the period of three years out of 16-18million is not enough to make a breed dangerous. There is about 1.2 'pit bulls' per Lab in most areas.
5.'Pit' mixes are mutts, classify all pit mixes as mutts and mutts will surely be the most 'dangerous' type of dog.
6.Chained dogs in the period of 30 years killed 109 people. 'Pit bulls' and their mixes only equal 91.
7.If people are already illegally abusing a dog, and illegally fighting a dog, what make a person think that making the breed illegal is going to stop them? All it does is punish the good owners who can educate people and help turn them away from dogfighting and help them to be more responsible
8.If the people problem is not solved, Presa Canarios and Cane Corsos are going to be the next decade 'pit bulls'. When you knock a breed off, they just move to another one. It won't end until stronger laws against animal abuse and dog fighting are put into place.
9.England banned the APBT, as well as the Tosa, Dogo Argentino, and Fila. This has not stopped dog fighting or attacks. People are now crossing our American Bulldog with another fighting breed available to them to produce dogs suitable for their kind of fighting. There was talk of banning the American Bulldog, but not the other breed. The American Bulldog is a cattle dog and a hog dog, a protector of farms, not a fighting dog. Breed Bans clearly don't correct human behavoir.
10.Any dog is dangerous, any dog can kill. Dispite what PETA's leader has to say about a dangerous Chihuahua being one thing, 2 pomeranians, at least one Daschund, a Basenji, and a West Highland white terrier have all been involved in fatal attacks. Three on infants, the Westie on an elderly woman.  Even 'sweet natured' breeds like the Newfoundland and coonhounds have been involved in fatal attacks.
11.Many dog attacks could be prevented, and are often chained dogs, loose dogs, dogs in pack, a dog with a bitch in heat, a family dog, or has shown prevous aggression. The majority of dogs show some kind of sign of aggression before a serious attack.  Not correcting the problem or seeking help for the problem is human fault. Most dog bites are on childern, and come from the family's own dog.
12.Cooks County, Il has reported that Labs have bitten more than pit bulls.
13.No UKC registered American Pit Bull Terrier has ever been involved in a fatal attack on a human being in the US. No Staffordshire Bull Terrier has been involved in a fatal attack on a human being in the US.  Only 2 American Staffordshire Terriers have been involved in fatal attacks in the US.
14.  Fatal attacks are not an epidemic.  You are more likely to be hit by lighting than killed by a dog.
15.'Pit Bull' attacks did not start to increase until their popularity did, read the book Fatal Dog Attacks, there was a surprising increase that started in 1986 proving HUMAN FAULT. If the breed continued to be rare it is assured that we would not be having the problems we do today.
Breed Specific Legislation causes problems for places that have it. 
1.  Dog owners of anything that remotely looks like any banned breed are less likely to move there or even simply visit.
2.Responsible owners are the ones who are effect by BSL, not the people encouraging aggressive behavoir.  They then are unlikely to encourage other people to be responsible owners as well and get involved in good sports.
3.Places with BSL often have smaller dog shows as exhibitors are often completely unwilling to take any chance that their dog might be taken and put down.
4.It encourages hostility and myths about the banned breed to grow even in 'officals'.  Anyone who has any dog that remotely looks like a 'pit bull' or any banned breed in someone's eyes will be in danger.

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