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Things that  contribute to a bite from the victims point of view may not always make sense or even be noticable in their eyes.  Often, we go about our day thinking little of consequences of the most minor of actions.  It is important to practice, whether or not you like dogs, safety around even the smallest of breeds.

Do not approach strange, chained, and loose dogs.
Children especially need to be taught this.  A good number of attacks have childern wandering to dogs, both loose and chained.  Children, to an unsocialized dog, may look to be prey, or if there is a bitch in heat, competition even.
Unless if you have spent years around dogs and know their body langue, and are willing to take the chances of getting bit AT YOUR OWN RISK(you do, it's YOUR fault, not the dog's), it's best to avoid strays and chained dogs.
Dogs that are stray are often out of their element, and spook and get defensive easily, so it is a toss up between fight or flight responses if the dog is not friendly and social.  You not only take the chance of a dog attacking, but also of it running into danger to get away from you.
Learn how to approach dogs.
Avoid eye contact, it is a challange to the dog. Meet the owner first, ignore the dog until the owner gives the okay and the dog greets you.  Do NOT force the dog to be pet.  Let your movements flow, try not to jerk around.  Do NOT pat the dog on top of the head.  Few dogs will tolerate this, it's better to scratch the chin and chest area lightly.  Stay calm and confident.
If a dog seems interested in attacking....
Turn sideways and move away slowly, avoid eye contact but keep an eye on the dog's movement.  Do NOT RUN at all costs. If a dog charges, stand up straight, stay confident, and shout "NO" as loud as you can(it should come from your stomach rather than throat) as soon as the dog comes within a few feet.  Its best to cover the sensitive parts of your body if you get knocked down.  Face, ears, throat, and generally the stomach area, and it is very important not to scream or struggle.  The more still and quiet you are, the less interesting you are.  If you struggle a dog will either think it's great fun or that youre not submitting.  Yelping in a serious attacking(a method to teach puppies not to bite) is likely to egg them on.  If you ever see dogs at a dog park, and one yelps from hurt, the rest will converge almost in a fighting manner to make them shut up.
To Prevent From An Owner's Point:
It is very important to socialize your dog or puppy from day one, and handle, play, and groom them all over. 
Have all the family work the dog on obedience, at class, at home, and out-and-about.  A dog needs to have all comands reliable on leash(and even more so off leash) under any family member's control at any time.
Don't chain your dog for life.  Chains and tie-outs are good for a little outside time when there are too many on-goings.  However, they are not a good source of exercise and do not stimulate dogs.  They are NOT a subsitute for walks, and if used completely, will create more problems.  Remember, chained dogs have killed more people than any one breed!
Don't play slapping, snapping games with your dog.  And please teach your dog to 'out' a toy or object, not matter what the breed.  It could very well be important one day.
Teach your children to behave and treat dogs with respect.  Far too many times have I even seen TEENAGERS harass dogs, provoking them.  There is *NO* excuse for not teaching your kid to treat dogs respectfully.  No matter how young!  Children are sponges, teach them from day one!
Never trust a child with any dog alone.  This goes for all breeds and all kids.  Kids will be kids, and dogs will be dogs.  A dog hurts a kid, the kid might hurt the dog, and it will escalate.  A kid hurts the dog first, and the dog will snap back in a number of cases.  Dogs knock kids over, tug on things, and bounce.  Kids squash things, poke things, pulls things and more.  Dogs and kids can co-exist, but don't ever take a risk that something might happen, be it on purpose or accidental!
Never trust a friend or strange alone with your dog.  Admit it, we've all said some people can be seriously stupid, and even some people have a stupid moment once in a while.  Don't take the chance, leash your dog and take it with you even if your going into the next room!
Gives your dog a safe place to get away from it all.  A room or a crate when kids are about or company is over or even when the dog gets bored and wants a comfortable place to sleep.
If your dog starts guarding food or toys, get help ASAP!  Do NOT put it off!  Most bites that occur, happen in the home for these very reasons.  Do the right thing to keep your dog, yourself, and others safe, get help!

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