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BSL Information
Links you must know
The Breeds and Their History
How Other Breeds Will Be Affected and Which Ones
The Truth Behind Attacks, What Really Needs to Be Delt With
The Excuses to Make BSL
Why Breed Bans DONT work
When Breed Bans Are In Place
BSL In General
Dog Bite Prevention
Working 'Pit Bulls' and Molossers
Endangered Breeds
Links you must know

Where as I try to provide easy to understand and sensible information, there is so much more out there that you really need to have a gander at.  So go and take a dive into a sea of knowledge!

Not for the faint of heart, disturbing images at:
The home page for the same site if you wish to avoid the above:
Coalition of Human Advocates for K9s & Owners:
As the site's name says:
'Pit Bull' Rescue Central:
The working 'Pit Bull':
Spindle Top Refuge:
Molosserworld, a must read!

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