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BSL Information

The Breeds and Their History

The Breeds and Their History
How Other Breeds Will Be Affected and Which Ones
The Truth Behind Attacks, What Really Needs to Be Delt With
The Excuses to Make BSL
Why Breed Bans DONT work
When Breed Bans Are In Place
BSL In General
Dog Bite Prevention
Working 'Pit Bulls' and Molossers
Endangered Breeds
Links you must know

This page is covering all the main breeds that are effected by BSL and will list some other breeds that have been seriously effected in other countries.

  The is no such breed as a 'pit bull'.  The term itself came about from fanciers taking the middle of the American Pit Bull Terrier name and using it because the breed's name is a mouth full.  Just like West Highland White Terriers are known as Westies, and Petit Basset Griffon Vendeens are commonly called PBGVs by their fanciers and in the fancy's circles.
  The term itself has become something gravely different, a popular term used for many dogs of many breeds and mixes.  This is because of hype and a general lack of knowledge.  You wouldn't expect a Doctor to know how to fix a roof, nor a plumber how to fly a plane, though surely there are exceptions in a few cases.  The average person does not know more than a few breeds, and there are many who mix up or mess up names.  There are even people who think calling a Basset Hound or a Dachshund a 'hot dog' is a good thing to teach their kids, never mind asking the owner.  And more often than not, Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes are 'wolf dogs'.
  The average person often does not know a breed's history as well, sometimes dog owners of a certian breed or mix will go the extra mile to learn, but often it is just one or a few breeds.  Even responsible breeders often only really get to know their breed(s) and sometimes their cousins.
  Vets know medience, and Animal Control Officers know their job.  Sometimes Vets and AC Officers can have a wealth of knowledge, sometimes they only know general things like breed or type temperment, and often enough, there are mixes and breeds mislabled by both.  I want everyone who reads this to know that Vets, Officers, Media, Politians, and your dear ol'dad can be wrong.
Now On With The Breeds...

American Pit Bull Terrier-The breed had its start in England soon after Bull and Bear baiting became illegal, but the breed really has become a true American Dog.  
   While it was fought in its beginings, the breed was culled intensely-any dog that so much as growled at a person with no reason was shot on sight.  These dogs had many chances to prove themselves vicious if they actually were, though we do not have reports of these dogs attacking and killing any in those times.  The breed before fighting was washed by the owner of the other dog, and then they were fought in a pit surrounded by many men who were noisey, waving money and fists, and quite possibly drunk.  None turned to attack the men either in the pits with them or the ones outside of it, their focus was each other.  When human hands were laid upon them, they would cease their fight, and when one was injured and had to be moved, no bite to the person who moved them would result for their stoic nature and all the culling to prevent any human aggression was such a big part that made these dogs great.(Most dogs when injured will try to bite out of pain, which is why muzzling before moving an injured dog is recommended.)
  In these days they not only fought, but were taken out west, working cattle and protecting their families from many dangers.  Some pictures to this day survive of those dogs.  Many of them were also pets.
  As luck would have it, dog fighting was banned, but as we know, it never ceased.  The breed represented us on a war poster, and Petey from Our Gang was also a 'Pit Bull'.  Stubby, a war dog, was a small 'pit bull' type of the old days.  During this time, they were known as Nanny Dogs for their patience with childern(this goes back to them being stoic).
   The breed was divided into two when the AKC registered the American Staffordshire Terrier.  Although in many ways they are the same breed, the APBT is still fought in some circles, the Am Staff is typically not. 
   Fighting, as stated above, never stopped, but it wasn't until 1986 that a drastic change happened, their popularity started increasing at a dramatic rate, and anyone who has any knowledge of breeds and problems resulting in popularity will tell you, this was a big problem.  Before this time, only a few fatal attacks were by dogs discribed as 'pit bulls', those few attacks had the media reporting and soon the drug dealers who desired a dog to protect their drugs, not only had a tough looking dog, but had one they could make money off another way-by fighting.  These type of people have been the down fall, for not the fighting of the breed, but the fact of they abuse the dogs into aggression that their history NEVER intented.  Feeding of gun powder, chili peppers, starving, beating, fighting, cat walks, and hot boxes(metal boxes with only a few air holes, often placed in the sun to 'heat up') are just a few things that have been done to the breed by the wrong hands.  This is a breed that was not ment to protect items, but only their owners in immedate danger, but they have been conditioned and abused into going against their nature.
  The pit men who fight the dogs in the old fashion, who cull just like they did in the old days, will never have a human aggressive dog.  Infact, many dogs that are fought in the way these men do, don't fight outside of the pit.  Dogs that win in the ring have confidence and thus no need to challange dogs first.
  Not only has the wrong hands of drug dealers gotten ahold of the breed, but they have ruined it's reputation for their own gain, a selfish motive that only a human being could be capable of.  The breed's 'downfall' is simply in relation to their loyality and popularity.  A breed that will do anything for their owners no matter how great the abuse, has the potenial for great good, or great hurt, shame humans take advantage of that.
American Staffordshire Terrier-Am Staffs, as they are often called for short, came about from the AKC giving the name to the APBT for show.  The breeds are semi-seperated, Am Staffs being bred mostly for show, APBTs still being a good ol'working dog.
Staffordshire Bull Terrier-The breed was developed in/around the 17th century, with bulldogs being crossed with terriers as was the fashion and the start of serious dog fights.  Bull-and-Terrier crosses happened for the reason of dog fighting, to have a bulldog's power with a terrier's gamey fiestiness and dominance.  Bulldog's used for bullbaiting, worked together, terriers are natorious scrappers for the top position.  It only made sense.
  Staffies became a family favorite with their small size, sturdiness, and wonderful temperment with people and children.  Even in England, where APBTs are banned, the Staffie still thrives.  This could be perhaps because it is native.
Rottweiler-This German butcher dog almost became extinct.  Their purpose was as a strong farm dog, driving stock to market, carrying, drafting, and protecting.  It was known that purses of money were hung around the dog's neck to keep it safe.  The breed now a days is a fine companion, and their intelligence shows many times over.  However their looks, and popularity causes them to fall into the wrong hands.  Rottweilers are great assistance dogs as well, and have saved lives as such as well as SAR dogs and even just as pets.