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When Breed Bans Are In Place
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Quite a few places have had breeds bans.  Here are some of the results....

Miami Dade- Still has 'Pit Bulls' within county limits, still has attacks and roaming 'pit bulls'.  Estimated at 50,000 in 2002.  Breed ban has been in place since 1989/90.  Animal Control Officers there seem to know next to nothing about the breed, only myths about them.
Germany-Banned more than 36 breeds.  Owners with and without dogs have been beaten, spit upon, called names, and nearly set on fire.  Dogs were massively dumped because of the ban causing an over population of homeless dogs.  One man was shot for walking his Boxer.  Dogs were shot outside of the border just because people walking across thought they were a threat.  Guide dogs harassed.  Travel almost impossible because restrictions vary greatly from once city to another.
England-Still has serious dog attacks after banning 4 breeds.  Talk about banning a 5th since 02 because American Bulldogs are being mixed with another, more local breed, to produce a fighting dog.  The other breed is not likely to be banned.
No, not just costs lives, but costs money, and is ineffective.  Baltimore, MD stated that BSL was costing them 750k a year, and could not be enforced, they repealed the law.
Some of the reasons were that registration from 'Pit Bulls' weren't enough to cover the spending(35k compared to the 560k spending, and would be more if other variables were taken into consideration) .  Dog shows and the revenue they generated decreased greatly(remember, dog show people use all the same things that residents of the area's use as well as hotels/motels, stores, pet supplies store, gas stations, etc.) It cost 68k to maintain a single 'pit bull' through a year long process.
Is it worth it?  Worth the lives?  Worth the money?  Worth the time?
When the majority of the only dogs effected will be well-kept pets and show dogs?

Please send reports of what happened and changed in an area that has a breed ban.  How did it effect dog owners, dog shows, attacks?  Help gather proof that BSL doesn't work!