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BSL Information
Working 'Pit Bulls' and Molossers
The Breeds and Their History
How Other Breeds Will Be Affected and Which Ones
The Truth Behind Attacks, What Really Needs to Be Delt With
The Excuses to Make BSL
Why Breed Bans DONT work
When Breed Bans Are In Place
BSL In General
Dog Bite Prevention
Working 'Pit Bulls' and Molossers
Endangered Breeds
Links you must know

To prove 'Pits' and other Molossers are more than what they appear, I'm going to share photos and stories of others.




Owned by Robert J. Gonzales and handled by Deborah Lathrop.  Amber at the Doctor's office, in training to be a service dog. 

Links to working Bully breeds and Molossiods

Have pictures or stories you want to share of working 'Pit Bulls' and Molossers?  Please send to  ^-^ Thanks!