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  Febuary, 2006, Rufus, a Colored Bull Terrier won Best In Show at Westminster.  Westminster, for those who don't know, is considered the most prestigous show in the world.  The top in each breed is invited, the rest have to get their entries in before the spots fill up.  Only about 2500 dogs get in, all Champions.  And of this year, Rufus, took it over all.
  His breed is one that is a clown, though Bull Terriers are banned in some areas, they generally are not included in the pack of three.  However, thanks to some movies(Like Babe-Pig in the City), people call them Pit Bulls, and owners of them often deal with much predijuce.
  Imagine having animal control called on you and your dog simply because it looked too much like something someone was afraid of or had a bad run in with.  Imagine that the person who called them, had a run in with a back-yard-bred Lab, told a friend about it, and the friend goes 'Must have been a Pit Bull'.  Now the person has it in their mind, that anything that looks like that dog is a pit bull.  Maybe what the person associates with 'Pit Bulls' is a short coat, a certian color, a certian size of head, or particular jowls, or ear shape.  Maybe it's light colored eyes or a red nose with another.
  Maybe, just maybe, someone will decide your Best of Breed Clumber Spaniel is a Pit Bull mix, or a Black and Tan Coonhound is a Rottweiler mix.  Maybe your Gorden Setter will become a long haired Rottweiler, and your friend's Rhodesian Ridgeback is a Presa Canario.
  People in general do not know breeds very well, even most dog fanciers do not know most of what's outside of the AKC registered breeds.  Though more and more people are becoming keen on breeds, a lot of people are not.
  Like the case in Ohio of an Animal control officer removing American Bulldogs for being 'Pit Bulls'.  And the Miami Animal Control Officers who still believe 'Pit Bulls' have locking jaws.
  Between popularity and human nature, what will happen in 50 years, how many breeds will be effected.  In Germany more than 36, in Italy(though their ban is a strange one) more than 96.  Where is reason?
  Ban one breed and they'll move to another.  Ban the things that help create the problem and make the owners responsible for controllable things, and you will have done good.
  Peer pressure doesn't just have to do with drugs, smoking and sex, peer pressure can also contribute to animal abuse and dogfighting.  If you do not believe, then know that dog fighting and drugs are often found together in raids. 
  Abuse on a child can show in the child abusing an animal also.  It has been proven time and time again.  And abuse of animal will in turn create a danger in a good number of cases.
  Dogs are what we, humans, make them.  They are firstly an animal, then a dog, then a breed, then an individual.  Dogs can be capable of great harm if their humans will it, or they can be capable of great good if their humans will it.  Remember this, no matter what bred you blame, humans will continue to create danger with other breeds.  How many will we lose, how many will be in danger?  When will your breed be questioned?