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Endangered Breeds
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BSL is not only for common or even simply rare breeds.  It is now even starting to effect breeds that are endangered.

Ca De Bou- This breed was one of the bull baiting breeds.  In the early 1900s the breed was being used as a farm and guard dog.  After exhibited in 1929, the breed was starting to suffer.  There were only a handful of pure Ca De Bou left, and they were found in Mallorca, crossing with some cross bred Bous, the breed was being restored.  Today they are gaining in numbers slowly, and are still semi-endangered.  The high inbreeding from just a few of the foundation does not help the breed either.  Hopefully, the breed will not reach a bottle neck.
Branchiero Siciliano-A relative of the Cane Corso, their head, type and build is different and can be noticed if you really know dogs of molossiod nature. Branchieros are butcher and cattle dogs, having a short face. The Branchiero numbered around 40 dogs of good type in the 1990s, this breed is incrediably endangered, and if not saved soon, the world shall surely loose it.
Cypro Kukur-Not yet effected by BSL, the breed is gaining a strong hold in Europe.  These are considered dogs of the type that Alexander The Great brought to Europe upon his return, the ancestor of many European breeds.  An Eastern mastiff, the breed was looking to have a grim fate, but is hopefully saved.  The belief is that there are only 15-20 pure Cypro Kukur to be found in Kuamon, and that the number in Europe is greater than in it's home land.  Still endangered, only time will tell this breed's fate.
Cao De Fila Da Terceira- This is a breed of the Azores, one rarely mentioned or talked about.  There is little doubt that a great part of their influence came from the old Bulldog, observed in their twisted tail. The breed has changed over the years, pictures have shown they have become less 'bulldoggy' over the years.  There was at one time a recovery project when the breed started to fade, but was abandoned for political reasons.  Now a new recovery project is in place, for the breed is very much on the brink of extinction! for more information about these breeds and more!
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